Hot Shot Trucking


Hot Shot Trucking Services

Trucking is often a risky business venture and the risk is only intensified when it comes to hot shot cargo. We carefully monitor and vet  all of our staff, choosing only those with adequate experience and lifetime commitment to courteous and quality service  Combined with our use of advanced storage equipment and  Our fleet of trucks that can take over the faulty truck, we guarantee safe shipping to all of our clients. We dedicate one of our hot shot trucks to every customer’s order. This ensures that if you require special storage units, such as those used to safeguard manufacturing materials from road turbulence, we would have no problem setting them up.

We know well that hot shot freight comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve always taken a pro – active attempt to get you the flexibility you need, all without losing the quality that made us such a reliable partner for so many customers.

we are an advanced company

Using High Technology

  • We Use AI In The Line AI In The Line minimizes time spent dealing with third-party logistics providers. It also maximizes our ability to focus on your dedicated freight needs.
  • Smart WarehouseMeet the modern warehouse to fit your warehousing needs. Transparent pricing, dedicated account manager, and full-time warehouse employees. Simple Pricing. Reliable Service, Warehousing, Labor & Logistics
  • 100% AccuracyThat’s why customers trust us — We cater for all your truckload needs, so whether it is a full truckload or a fraction of one truckload, we have got you all covered.

Our flexible solutions are tailored to fit your needs. At RMTxpress, no delivery is too far and no deadline is too tight for our team of professionals.